Michael D. Jones was the son of the Rev. Michael Jones, Independent minister and first Principal of the Bala Independent College. Born in 1822, he himself followed in his father's footsteps and trained to become a minister. He visited the United States in 1847 and returned to Wales in 1850. He then succeeded his father as Principal of the Bala Independent College in 1854 where he stayed until 1892. According to The Dictionary of Welsh Biography down to 1940, during his time as Principal, ...there developed the great battle known as the Battle of the Two Constitutions which resulted in the growth of personal antagonism between him and some of the leading men of his denomination. The party which supported M. D. Jones was called the party of the Old Constitution and the other the party of the New Constitution.

Michael D. Jones also played an important role in the scheme to establish a Welsh colony in Patagonia. He invested in the venture financially and made a great loss which resulted in the sale of his home, Bodiwan.

Michael D. Jones married Anne Lloyd who inherited the Plas yn rhal estate, Rhuthun. Their eldest son, Mihangel ap Iwan, emigrated and became a doctor in Buenos Ayres, Argentina. Their second son, Llwyd ap Iwan, also emigrated to South America. He was a surveyor by profession and met with a tragic death in 1909.

And today we regularly welcome travelers from Patagonia to Bodiwan.